Our Story

Providing quality care to clients throughout North Louisiana.

Founders Carla Anderson and Joanna King

Founders Carla Anderson and Joanna King

Elite Health Solutions was opened in April of 2008 by Carla Anderson and Joanna King.  With the help of backing investors and an exceptional internal and external team, Carla and Joanna have built a business  centered on providing quality care to clients.

"We work hard to establish trust and measure our services using the same three qualities we expect from ourselves and other people - professionalism, dependability, and teamwork." 

Our story is our most valuable appeal.  We take pride in every single client.  It does not take clients long to realize we genuinely care for every client we serve.  Whether it is finding a PRN employee for your organization or finding a good fit as a private caregiver for your loved one, our goal is to find a successful match our clients can depend on over the long run.  Come experience the difference.  

Employee Prescreening and Assessment

Our established relationships with our clients and our employees support Elite Health's three core values of professionalism, dependability, and teamwork. We are committed to demonstrating these values on a day-to-day basis and expect the same level of commitment from our employees.

All Elite Health applicants undergo a prescreening and interview process, as well as ongoing yearly assessments. This process includes:

  • Background check

  • 10 panel drug screen

  • Fraud, National Sex Offender, and EPLS check

  • Employment Verification

  • Discipline specific self-competency exam

  • Annual Competency Exams

  • Validated Skills Checklist

  • Interview and Wrap-up On Boarding

  • Facility specific orientations (if applicable)


What Others Are Saying About Elite Health Solutions

"Carla and her staff are passionate in what they do and how they help deliver care to their clients. They are willing to jump through hoops to accomplish what needs to be done."
- Dr. K., Dentist

"You can't get much better than an organization focused on making your practice better."
- Dr. H., Family Practice

"Work ethic and professionalism are always on display with [Elite's staff]. Communication and advanced scheduling have always been exceptional."
- Billy, Nursing Home Client