Flu clinics and corporate wellness Northwest Louisiana

Flu Clinics & Corporate Wellness

The best way to keep your workforce going is to prevent illness before it happens.

As health issues and healthcare costs continue to rise, attention to corporate wellness can have a positive impact your employees' health and well-being as well as your organization's bottom line.

Unplanned absences due to illness cost companies hundreds of dollars per employee each year.

Our on-site flu vaccine clinics and corporate wellness services are designed to help combat the rising health issues and healthcare costs to maintain a happier, healthier, more productive workforce and protect your bottom line.

On-Site Flu Vaccine Clinics

Elite Health helps organizations in Northwest Louisiana protect their employees from the flu each year with our on-site flu clinics. Our wellness nurses come to you to administer the flu vaccine for employees and spouses within your organization.

On-site flu clinics provide a low-cost and convenient way for employees to get immunized, resulting in improved vaccination rates within your employee population and a reduced risk of absences due to flu-related symptoms.

Our on-site flu clinics are available October through December.

Corporate Health-Risk Assessment

Our wellness assessment services help management identify health risk factors among their employee population to understand where the health of their workforce stands as a whole and improve upon it. A healthier workforce can lead to increased productivity and morale, as well as a reduced number of insurance claims to help combat rising health coverage costs.  

Chronic diseases account for a large percentage of healthcare costs and are the most preventable type of disease.

Elite Health wellness nurses conduct on-site biometric screenings that offer insight into your employees' overall health and help participants understand their individual health risks for preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Participants can then focus on high-risk areas to make better decisions and become healthier down the road.

In addition to health-risk assessment, our tailored wellness programs, such as company-wide "Biggest Loser" contests, provide incentive and ongoing support to encourage employees to participate and continue making healthy choices.


What Others Are Saying About Our Corporate Wellness Services

"Elite has been giving our company flu shots for several years, and we have no complaints. Simple, fast, efficient and pleasant."
- RISCOM, Regional Insurance Services Company

"I can honestly say we use Elite every year because it is hassle free. They do it all, and we only just provide what they need. Our tenants look forward to walking downstairs and receiving their flu shots every year when it is so convenient and easy"
-Hertz Investment Group, LLC, Regions Center